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Affordable Solar in Texas
 Carston Family, Katy TX

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • $0 Down Financing
  • Increased Home Value
  • Property Tax Expemption (100%)

Switching to solar with Polestar Solar means paying less than you pay the utilities. We also offer a 10 Year Installation Warranty, and all of our products come with a 25-Year Power Output Guarantee. For most Houston and area home owners, this means that switching to solar is a long term, guaranteed investment for your family.

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Affordable Solar Energy Partially Paid For By Government Tax Incentives.
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How Polestar Solar Makes Switching To Solar EASY

1. Consulation

Solar Consulation

After you contact us for a free estimate, we’ll arrange a time with you for a full solar consultation. We’ll answer all your questions, clear all your doubts, and determine if solar is a good fit for your home or not.

2. Installation

Solar panel installation

After you’re happy with the design, we get to work on making it a reality. All of our installs are guaranteed and come at no extra cost to you. We only use best practices and NABCEP certified personnel for our jobs.

3. Savings

Enjoy a 25-year warranty with lifetime system monitoring, giving you solar savings for many years to come. The average homeowner in Texas can save more than $1200/year on their power bill!

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